SKI-DOO (LYNX) G4 850 TURBO KIT 2017-2022

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Model Year (So we spec correct MAP sensor)

Snowchecked kits this season must be paid in full and will ship as soon as they are ready. This Snowcheck Program includes a free reflash cable and your kit will be delivered prior to Halloween. We expect to have many of the kits shipped and on your shelves this summer. Snowcheck pricing will remain active until May 23rd. All snow check kits are built to order and in the event of cancellation our standard 25% restocking fee will apply

High performance, reliable, tunerless and wallet friendly. These were our goals when we set out to make the new 850 kit and we've hit every mark. Make no mistake about it, this is a game changing kit for the 850. We are the first company to utilize the factory ECU/ECM to control fueling requirements for the turbo. This means no tuning no matter what boost you run or what elevation you run at. Pull the rope and ride the sled, just like a stock snowmobile, except you have all the power of a turbo.This kit is the easiest turbo to install on the market with no cutting, welding or drilling required. Boost levels adjustable by the user between 3-10psi. External wastegate only, for the smoothest most spike-free delivery of boost possible. There is no turbo kit for Ski-Doo that can match our kits ease of use, performance, and reliability - at any price point. How can we offer it at such a crazy price you ask? We've spent a lot of time and energy on engineering our kits to be as simple and high performing as possible, plus, we don't believe in the margins the other guys ask for. Nothing makes us happier than seeing our kits on snow kicking ass. Simple as that.