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The Ski-Doo Gen5 850 Factory Turbo is a great performing sled out of the box. However, it'll get outrun by a sled with an aftermarket turbo kit bolted onto it. Thankfully, this can be fixed with some simple bolt on parts and a performance ECU flash.

This package improves throttle response and spool time, we currently have a Stage 1 and Stage 2 tune available.

Package includes:

  • Performance Exhaust. We currently have Silber Turbos Lightweight Exhaust Available for the new G5.
  • Performance Flashes: You pick between +10 and +20. You can flash back and forth as many times as you like (including flashing back to stock if for some reason you want to).
  • Reflash Cable: This allows you to flash from the comfort of your own home/shop from any windows based PC/laptop with an internet connection.
  • High Performance Clutch Kit: Our clutch kit includes a custom helix, primary and secondary springs, and our clutch weights.