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Skidoo 850 Turbo G4 Silencer and Downpipe

Our newest silencer for the Ski-doo 850 turbo, customers looking for a more mellow sound but want the added HP and some weight savings, this silencer if for you.

The combo offers a low deep tone, offers increased throttle response, adds 4hp, and works great with any aftermarket ecu reflash.

Both the muffler and downpipe include an integrated heatshield, to keep under hood temps down, and prevent your panels from being burnt.

Exhaust outlet is triple wall, and fits the outlet of the sled to prevent exhaust ingestion in deep snow conditions.

This package also comes with our accessory bracket. This bracket mounts to your chain case cover, and allow you to store your tools, gloves or extra goggles.

Kit includes the following components:

Stainless muffler and heatshield
Stainless turbo downpipe and heatshield
New lock washers for downpipe bolts
Accessory bracket