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These kits are available for snowcheck only and require your ecu to be sent in for reflash. Our new flashing system does not work on the older Polaris ECU's

Due to material pricing and availability concerns we are changing up our snow check program a little to ensure you have your kits well before the snow flys. To secure todays pricing and ensure availability next winter we have already placed larger material orders than ever. This has helped us keep the price down but also means that we had to eliminate the traditional deposit program. We cannot take a deposit for something delivered 6 months from now given the current supply chain constraints. Snowchecked kits this season must be paid in full and will ship as soon as they are ready. This Snowcheck Program includes a free reflash cable and your kit will be delivered prior to Halloween. We expect to have many of the kits shipped and on your shelves this summer. Snowcheck pricing will remain active until May 23rd. All snow check kits are built to order and in the event of cancellation our standard 25% restocking fee will apply

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Silber produces the best turbo kit for the Polaris Pro Ride/Rush chassis. Period. This kit enters its 4th generation, providing the rider with true pull and go reliability, unprecedented performance and outstanding dollar for dollar value. Key features include a cutting edge ceramic ball bearing turbo, rider friendly ECU-reflash and ability to run pump or race gas depending on boost level/elevation. Installation takes about 4-5 hours with this 100% bolt on kit. No welding, cutting, grinding or additional modification to the sled.

Please select kit that corresponds to your model year from the drop down list. Be sure to select the correct year. Kit comes in "standard" and "premium" trim. Premium trim includes the addition of external wastegate for smoother power delivery and better bottom end performance. Kit is set to deliver 7 pounds of boost, can be adjusted up or down.

***2011-2012 Require a 2013 or newer ECU. We stock them and can include them with your turbo kit today.***

Customers please note, you will need to send back your ECU for a reflash. Please print this form and include it with your ECU when sending it.


Turbo Kit Specs

  • Fuel controlled via proprietary ECU reflash.
  • Full clutch kit for varying elevations and boost levels
  • Custom molded tubular silicone air box
  • Custom billet throttle body boot
  • External 3 Bar map sensor
  • 304 Stainless Steel Exhaust
  • Oilless setup utilzes injector oil to lube the turbo
  • Comes set at 7 PSI. Adjustible via wastegate spring.
  • Installs in 5-7 hours using normal garage tools.
  • 100% complete no additional purchases necessary

Installation PDF