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Add Performance Reflash?

Looking to drop a substantial amount of weight and get a more favorable exhaust tone out of your Polaris Patriot 850? This is the product for you, shave just under 10 pounds with this can!

For the ultimate bolt on and go upgrade, combine this with our naturally aspirated performance Patriot Tune to add 10hp. Where else can you find ~9.5 pounds and ~10 horsepower for under $500!?

  • Stock silencer is 15.9lbs
  • Silber silencer is 6.6lbs
  • Combine with a reflash for the best bang for your buck (and time).
  • Those looking to combine with a performance flash, consider adding a cable to be able to flash from the comfort of your own garage. Those not adding the cable will need to send in their ECU or visit an authorized reflash center!

Those combining with the reflash (with or without a cable) receives $100 off!