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  • Custom machined muffler inlet to improve Turbo spool and throttle response
  • Stainless flex joint to wastegate
  • Stainless mounting brackets
  • Mounts in factory location
  • Hand fabricated and TIG welded in house here in Wisconsin - MADE IN USA
  • Awesome sound
  • Improved throttle response
  • Tons of hours of R&D and several revisions were done while creating this muffler to give you the absolute most performance out of your patriot boost.
  • Must have for tuned Patriot Boost Sleds!
  • Straight through race design
  • If you want a loud muffler this is it
  • Stock muffler weighs 15.2 lbs
  • Our race muffler weighs just 5lbs!
  • That's a 10.2 lbs weight savings!
  • Does NOT meet Trail Decibel requirements