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Fits All 2022 Polaris Matryx RMK/Khaos

  • Precision Machined 6061 Aluminum
  • 100% easy bolt on installation
  • Over TWICE as strong as stock component
  • Uses 4 bolts per side for increased durability
  • Classic ZRP looks and finish
  • Made in the USA
  • ZRP Lifetime Warranty

When you're riding in the steep and deep, part failure is not an option. When Chris Burandt reached out looking for a stronger solution for the adjustable foot stirrup on the matryx chassis, we knew it was a part that needed to be the perfect balance of strength and lighweight! Together we developed a guaranteed upgrade for anyone looking to push their new Matryx in the backcountry.

This kit is super easy to install, includes all 8 bolts and a custom backer plate to brace the stock cast aluminum frame. The doubling of the bolts significantly improves the rigidity and spreads the load much better across the area. It does lose one adjustability point, 2 options high/low vs 3 on stock.