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Ski-Doo Summit Lift SBB Spindle Kit

Fits 2017+ Gen 4 Summit, 2021 Lynx BoonDocker and 2023 Gen 5 Ski-Doos

  • Precision Machined 6061-T6 Aluminum Construction
  • Classic ZRP looks and exceptional strength
  • 100% Bolt On compatible with stock suspension arms/ball joints
  • 1.25" Overall Lift
  • ZRP proven "Ski-Bolt-Back" Geometry, maximizing control
  • Made in the USA

Often Imitated, never duplicated, The ZRP Ski-doo Lift spindles are staple product for aggresive and technical riding on Ski-Doo summit snowmobile

1.25" Lift

Lifting the snowmobile 1.25" higher out of the snow allows a rider to utilize the full potential of their Ski-Doo snowmobile, reducing snow drag and giving a more nimble and precise feel

ZRP "Ski Bolt Back"- SBB

Moving the Ski Bolt to an "In-Line" postion with the upper and lower ball joint eliminates the negative steering and control aspects that plague the Ski-Doo chassis when in the steep and techinical terrain. Our SBB geometry is often imitated but certianly not duplicated. The ZRP spindles are the only Ski-doo spindles on the market that truly allow the ski to "pivot" instead of "swing". This translates to ultimate control even when hitting old tracks or other terrain features, giving unmatched rider confidence


While suspension setups will vary depdending on your specific application, we have found a good baseline for machines with a stock rear suspension is letting the limiter strap out to the next looser setting and adding about 1/2-3/4'' of preload to the front track shock. In some cases adding tension to the rear torsion spring may also be required. If you have any questions reguarding suspension setup or you are not running a factory rear suspension please call the shop.

This comes with a set of 2 spindles, with bushings pre-installed, and is compatible with all factory hardware.