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Arctic Cat CTEC 2

Looking for improved throttle response, increased horsepower and torque along with better reliability from your stocker? We are proud to introduce our our all new naturally aspirated ECU reflash.

We have spent the last two years tuning different sleds to enhance factory performance and improve reliability. Taking what we have honed for many seasons on the boosted side of things, we are now applying the same tuning process to the naturally aspirated side of things.

We also spent a significant amount of time tuning the more popular big bore and stage 1-4 offerings by many manufacturers including the Trygstad 927. We had immense success with our 927 tunes on the race course, and are thrilled to offer it to big bore customers looking for better performance all the while ditching the antiquated control box. Please email us if these custom tunes are of interest to you.

Some of the highlights of the ECU reflash to a stock sled are below:

  • 6-11 HP (Depending on Year, Make, Model)
  • Improved throttle response
  • Improved oil pump calibrations
  • Improved Air/Fuel Ratios geared toward maximum output and dependability
  • Improved logic with sensor inputs
  • Improved timing calibrations
  • Torque gains throughout the RPM range

Easily returned to stock , if necessary. To obtain your flash you can send your ECU to us, visit one of our authorized reflash centers or purchase your own cable to have us reflash your ECU from wherever you are.

Please contact us anytime with questions or concerns.