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Add ECU Reflash?

Drops over 9 pounds from your sled. Dollar for dollar this is the best upgrade you can make (next to a turbo kit of course!)

  • Stainless steel
  • Throaty exhaust note without being too loud
  • Lightweight

Fits CTEC-2 motors only. This means 2018+ Alpha One, M6000 AND M8000 PROCLIMB, SNOPRO 600/800, XF 600/800, ZR 600/800, 2018-21, RIOT/RIOT X, MODELS.

Add our ECU reflash to unlock 8-10 horsepower (and save when you bundle!). We offer the ECU reflash with or without our ECU reflash cable. If you purchase the flash with the cable you can flash from your garage using a windows PC. If you purchaser without the cable you must send our ECU to us (see contact page).