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The Belt Drive for Ski-Doo G5 allows for easy installation and change from heavy stock chain drive to belt drive system with NO modifications to the factory parts. This kit does NOT modify any OEM parts and the speed sensor is installed.

Manufactured in the USA!!

Available in multiple gear ratios allowing for maximized power and easy adjustment. Reduces over 4.5 lbs of weight and 3 lbs of rotating mass. Speed sensor installed.

Recommended gear ratios:

3.0 154 = 26T

3.0 165 = 25T

Gear ratio calculation = Bottom Gear / Top Gear

or  63/25 = 2.52.

***INCLUDES SHOT HARNESS EXTENSION…allows users to relocate SHOT to alternate location.

Customer Reviews

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Hopeitsnowzalot, Tahoe/Sierras
G5 Belt Drive craftsmanship and install

Have not run the sled yet, so no review on performance. But, these are the discoveries: 1) the printed instructions are bad, and the photos useless. 2) You will ask yourself "why" or "which" quite a bit on install. Like the drive bolt. Why include a top bolt if the printed instructions tell you to use the original? Why not let people know the retainer accepts a 1" socket, so they can gang some extensions together and get that thing cinched up immediately rather than waiting a couple hours for retaining compound to set-up??? dumb. 3) Craftsmanship: one of the bores for the cover was not threaded deep enough to accept the bolt. Aside from that, some of the design was not thought out well. Put a couple studs on the cover plate to mount the damn SHOT! To tell people to relocate the shot with HEAVY DUTY tie wraps (NOT INCLUDED) in between the exhaust dangling on supports and steering stem? WTF!...no way....and, redesign the drive to be able change the belt without a lot of effort and random tools on the hill (my hands are frozen just thinking about what a disaster that'd be). Ya know, like a Q2 Polaris. OH, AND DUDE, the whole mixing in some SAE bolts so users can carry some non-metric tools as well? really?. After installing this, it started to feel like back in the days with my old school mod sleds, where you wonder if you did the right thing by buying it, and if it was really worth it? time on the hill will tell.