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The Belt Drive for the Arctic Cat Mountain Cat (2018-21), the 2019-22 Alpha & Hardcore allows for easy installation and change from heavy stock chain drive to belt drive system. This kit does NOT modify any OEM parts. Kit does come with new high quality top bearing for chain case and new speed sensor installed. Kit also includes a billet aluminum oil pump housing for the OEM pump. Our current 2 quart tank feeds the billet housing which ensures a tight seal. A new top retainer is included for the top gear, ensuring proper shaft to bearing operation.

Lower bottom cover is machined from one solid piece of 12lb billet aluminum and covers bottom gear preventing debris from entering. Bottom cover weighs .98 lbs completed.

Stock electric oil pump is relocated into billet aluminum housing. Housing is o-ring to prevent oil from leaking. Stock fasterners will hold oil pump into new housing. Comes with all fittings and hardware.

Available in 3 Gear Ratios allowing for maximized power and easy adjustment.

Recommended Mountain Cat gear ratios:

3.0 153 = 25T or 26T

3.0 163 = 25T

Supercharger or high boost applications = 28T

Recommended Alpha Gear Ratios:

154 = 25T or 26T

165 = 25T

Recommended Hardcore Gear Ratios:

153 = 25T or 26T

162 = 25T

Gear ratio calculation = Bottom Gear / Top Gear

or  66/25 = 2.64.