2015 – 2017 SKI-DOO T3 BELT DRIVE

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Gear Ratio

The Belt Drive for Ski-Doo T3 models 2015-2017 allows for easy installation and change from heavy stock chain drive to belt drive system with NO modifications to the factory parts. This kit does NOT modify any OEM parts. Manufactured in the USA!!

Available in multiple gear ratios allowing for maximized power and easy adjustment. Reduces over 6.5 lbs of weight and 2.5 lbs of rotating mass. Factory speed sensor installed to outside plate for easy connection to existing harness.

Recommended gear ratios:

3.0 154 = 27T

3.0 163 = 26T

Supercharger or high boost applications = 28T

Gear ratio calculation = Bottom Gear / Top Gear

or 63/25 = 2.52.