What it does

Cycles and Sleds custom tunes for your Arctic Cat, Skidoo, Polaris, Natural Aspirated, or Factory Turbo sled.


Choose from a wide variety of tunes with different power levels, quickspool modes, fuel saver modes, and the ability to remove factory safety features, all while keeping the sled more realiable than stock tuning.


Developed for riders by riders.


Maximizing bottom end throttle response, on and off throttle response, and over all power. With purchase you will gain access to all of the different tune files for your machine. You can change different tunes as often as you please.

CNS Flash Instructions

If you are planning on tuning your sled yourself you will need a windows laptop and the flash device. The device may be used multiple times, while the license must be purchased for each machine.

After you have purchased a license, click the download application button below to install the software and create an account. Once completed submit your email and order confirmation number below and we will get your license right over to you.


Please email or call Luke for any other questions.

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Clutching is needed

Clutching is needed due to increasing the overall power of the machine. Without proper clutching you will over rev and not be able to maintain peak horse power. With our clutching we harness all of the horse power of the machine and deliver it to the track.